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Plagued by “inept policy” USMC Col. (Ret.) Andy Milburn says US military aid to Ukraine is not getting to the front lines. Milburn, a former Marine Corps Special Operations (MARSOC) Regiment commander and is now in Kyiv assisting Ukrainian forces. His non-profit The Mozart Group is seeking donations to keep his team of Spec Ops veterans on the ground and assisting the Ukrainian military to defeat Russian forces. with his.

He shared how US weapons are not getting through, training is incomplete, and troops are in dire need of medical equipment and assistance right now. And as US POLICY WILL NOT PROVIDE FUNDING for these veterans, THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT.


For more on how The Mozart Group delivers critical capabilities to the Ukrainian front lines:

Milburn is clear, “We are not mercenaries … we are not looking for trigger pullers”. They are however doing what it takes to assist Ukrainian military leadership in developing tactics and strategies to win the fight.

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